01. Way of Conduct

By giving your consent to the terms & condition of the site, you agree not to share any content of the website, email, upload, post, upload, transmit, display, update, host, share, modify or publish any of the website’s content. You will make or share content:
I. that is not against any legal rules and regulation;
II. that does not have any trademark, copyright or any patent or do not have proprietary rights owned by third party, along with publicity as well as privacy rights, until and unless you own necessary rights or have license to share the content on the site;
III. that do not violates any party’s intellectual property rights in any manner, or content of which you does not have right to share within any law, legislation, contact or any regulation;
IV. that comes under following labels are not permitted i.e. harmful, threatening, pornographic, harassing, obscene, blasphemous, abusive, libelous, content that is hurt anyone’s privacy, promotes monet laundering or gambling activities or illegal in any way;
V. That do not seems abusive, degrading, harassing, intimidating or is hurtful for any individual, group or section of society in respect of any caste, religion, age, gender or any type of disability;
VI. That do not violates employment laws at local level, not limiting or prohibiting requirement in any employment advertisement on the basis of caste, color, race, gender or sexual preferences;
VII. That do not harm or impact our country’s unity, security, integrity, sovereignty or defense, foreign relations or is disrespectful to any other country;
VIII. That donot have any information that discloses personal information of any other person without his/her consent;
IX. That do not represent any other person, be it an Biz City India employee or any other person or falsely connect it with a person or an entity;
X. That do not have content that advertise
1) in the category or section of the site which is not meant for advertising; or
2) contact Biz City India users who have selected an option of not to be reached for any other services, items or commercial uses;
XI. That do not share or have links of other commercial websites or business services, apart from those approved by Biz City India;
XII. That do not promote sales of any item that is banned or ristricted by Indian government or law applicable locally;
XIII. That does not carry any type of viruses, electronic code or computer program that will hamper or hack the functioning of the site or user device i.e. software, hardware, telecommunication devices or any data resource;
Along with these you accept not to:
XIV. Post or comment inappropriate or abusive or defamatory content about or against any person or entity;
XV. Take out personal information of other users and use it for business or unethical purposes;
XVI. Share content that is not useful to the local area, post same product again and again or content that create load on Biz City India server and related infrastructure;
XVII. Posting same product in different categories or in multiple categories or various tier-I cities, or on multiple forums;
XVIII. Any type of initiative to get illegal access to internal systems or systems managed or possessed by Biz City India or any action that hampers quality, performance, service or functions of Biz City India;
XIX. Using any technology/ device or any type of flagging tools that make it possible to use Biz City India’s ‘flagging systems’ or any other internal controls that will allow you to delete post from other users or your competitors, or perform acts that is not legally permitted or prohibited as per Biz City India terms and condition;
XX. Any technology or automated device or software that make it possible to post content automatically on the platform without involvement of human for bulk posting or scheduling posts after a fix time interval automatically;
XXI. Any post uploaded on Biz City India platform must be as per the laws and can be removed or disabled at any time subject to any investigation under law. If it is found that the content posted by you or your actions is not in-line with laws and regulation, Biz City India’s terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy, we can terminate/ block your account and restrict your access to the platform. We have right to remove any in-appropriate content at any point of time posted by you.

02. Paid Services (like refund, cancellation, our package)

The site can charge fees for posting content in a service section of the site. Payment of particular fees will allow you to retain content for specified duration on a specific section of the website. Party posting the content will be responsible for the same and shared content must be as per Terms & condition of the site. Fees paid will be non- refundable and of the content is not as per terms and condition of the site it will be removed without any prior information.

03. User Submission (like No data leak)

You acknowledge and understand that while browsing/ using the site, you come across different type of content and Biz City India is not responsible for authenticity, accuracy, safety, IP rights of all the content available on this site. By using the Biz City India site you agree to take full responsibility of your usage. You agree that content available on the site might be imprecise, hurtful, humiliating, objectionable and scandalous, you hereby give your consent to forego to take any legal action or solution against Biz City India with respect to that or that place.

04. Ability to Accept Term of Services

Only adults are eligible to use this platform as per the laws. If you are representing any other person for using this platform, then you understand that it is necessary that you are legally authorized to use person’s identity. Users below 18 i.e. minors are not allowed to use this platform. By using this site you confirm that you are above minimum age or here by acknowledge that you have your parents or legal guardian’s consent for using the platform. The user is capable of understanding and entering into Biz City India’s term & condition and is in position to accept and act as per T&C stated. Biz City India is not for children below age 13, therefore, in any circumstances you publicly confirm that you are not below age of 13.
If your age is less than 13 years please do not share your personal information with us. If you want to contact us please do it from you parent’s or local guardian’s number or e-mail address.