01. European standards / Personal Data Protection Act:

Biz City India is liable for collecting, using and retaining your personal information as per standards of the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and in line with European standards.

02. Type of Information Collected:

When a user visit our platform, it is possible that we collect some information that is not personal from your device like Internet protocol address (IP address), type of browser, device specification, network operator etc. Personal information is collected when you register with us like your name, postal address, email address, phone no. date of birth and other related information. If you login using your Facebook account we can access to information on your Facebook page depending upon account setting. You can add any more information at the time of registration. If you provide your phone number then other users can see it in your posts. If you provide your contact number in your account, you provide us rights to communicate with you using your conatact number via calls and text messages. The number will also be used for taking confirmation from your end when you post any content from your registered account. For payment purposes we use third party gateways and other service providers for monitoring sites performance be it managing site traffic or storing user’s personal information. You provide your approval when you use Biz City India platform of collecting, storing and using personel information you shared on our platform. You provide your approval for disclosing your geolocation by using Biz City India platform for publishing oe seeing posts/ advertisements posted near you geolocation oe area.

03. Cookies:

There is a possibility of using cookies for managing user sessions and for storing preferences, for information tracking and selection of language. Information we get from cookies in your system are your browsing history, date and time of browsing and your browsing preferences. Sometimes, third party service providers can also use your cookies and accessing third party cookies is not in our control. We can access your cookies whether you register with us or not.

04.Usage Details of Personal Information:

Biz City India can use your personal information in the following ways: 1) For enforcement of platform’s term & conditions, for monitoring activity of any user, analyzing key work search or latest posts, or for managing platform’s traffic effectively; 2) for providing customer support, handling and creating user accounts; and 3) help you for resolving technical issues. We can share some of your personal information with third party for having better understanding of your interest areas. We have right to restrict usage of our platform in certain countries. We have right to keep your personal information in our database till we find it useful even if your account has been terminated.

05. Protection of Personal Details:

Biz City India value their customers and we understand your concern related with protection of your personal information. We assure you that your personal information is secured by us in several ways. We do not process any payment strait away or save your credit card or debit card details. Payment to a third-party will be processed using secured socket layer (SSL) technology like PayPal, DineroMail or PayU portals. Your account will be protected by a user ID and unique password set by you. It is strongly recommended for security reasons that you do not share password with anyone and logout if using a public computer. However, there is no payment gate away available that guarantees 100% safety but we adopt best available technology for security. Hereby, we assume that you understand and acknowledge that we do not take liability incase of any misuse of personal information, theft or lost of data as we may require to share your information with third party for better assistance.

06. Updating/ Editing Personal Information:

With the help of support form you can edit or update personal information that you have shared with us. Registration is not compulsory for selling or buying on Biz City Indian platform. We will send you notifications, mails, calls, messages, advertisements, polls, and others in respect to services we provide if you register with us or engage in any of our posts or advertisements. We may send you prior notice or inform you regarding any coming issue, up gradation or changes in respect to company’s functioning or terms.

07. Disclosures:

It may happen that in unavoidable circumstances due to some regulatory or legal requirement we have to share your personal information. For such rare circumstances Biz City India keep the rights of disclosing your personal information if required to meet any legal or law binding circumstances. Legal or regulatory situation will include but will not limited to warrants, discovery request, court orders, subpoenas or service of process requirements. Information disclosed by us will be to law enforcement officers with a faith that they will not share or use it until necessary. You understand and agree that before sharing your personal information we may not inform you before or after the disclosure. Other case in which your information will be shared if in future we sell or merge Biz City India with some other company. In that case your personal information will be shared with that company without taking your consent. Even if a part of the company is sold, in that case also your information will be shared with the concerned company without any information. However, you may receive a notice informing you about the sale.

08. Notification of Changes:

Right to change terms and condition remain with us. We can make changes in the terms at regular time interval. We may or may not send you prior notice or mail informing about the changes made in the terms & condition, website or in privacy policy. We suggest you to note ‘date of last update’ of terms and condition stated at the top of terms & condition page. This will give you an idea if we have updated anything recently.

09. Disputes:

Any disagreements related with your privacy are subject to above mentioned terms and conditions. This includes but is not only limited to any type of conditions in line with selection of law and forum, damage limitation and amends.

10. How to Contact Us:

In case you have any more queries or information relate to privacy policy, kindly contact us via Biz City India.